Digital Concert Series | October 20, 2022 — Sound Sculpture

Digital Concert Series 2022–2023

Schubert Club’s historic 140th season kicks off with the multi-sensory installation Sound Sculpture, an interactive musical instrument made up of illuminated building blocks, at Landmark Center in downtown Saint Paul, created by Boston-based interdisciplinary MASARY Studios. Sunday’s Schubert Club Mix performances include a new work entitled What is an Instrument?, which features Sound Sculpture in performance dialogue with cello, dance, poetry, and the audience. “I am thrilled to be sharing space with this incredible team of Twin-City-based artists. They have joined me in this inquiry asking ‘what is an instrument’ as we look at both the most human answers to that question as well as those more technologically driven. I couldn’t ask for a more interesting, motivated, sincere and fun group of collaborators.” – Ryan Edwards, MASARY Studios Collaborating artists include MASARY Studios, cellist Michelle Kinney, choreographer Darrius Strong/STRONG Movement, and spoken-word artist Alexei Moon Casselle, aka Crescent Moon. Family Friendly.

October 21 – 12:30 AM
Run Time
4 min
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